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Ever considered going meat-free?

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Ever wondered what would happen if you gave up meat for a month? We often don’t realise how closely connected the relationship is between our diet and our emotional and ecological wellbeing. With plant-based milks predicted to reach $21.6 billion by 2022, and UK plant-based food sales up 1,500% since last year, it is clear that meat-free is becoming mainstream. With all this hype, we wanted to find out for ourselves what would happen if we cut out meat for a month - here’s what we learned:


#1 Promote cardiovascular health

Removing meat from your diet does wonders for your cardiovascular system - it reduces the the cholesterol found in blood vessels. Result? Lower blood pressure and a much more efficient blood flow which, in turn, reduces the risk of heart disease.

#2 A happier gut

You know that your gut is your second brain, right? Cutting meat out of your diet creates a much healthier environment for intestinal microbiome - the microorganisms that live in your body. Chances are, you’ll also feel less bloated!.

#3 A happier you!

Switching your diet to one that is more plant-based can positively affect your concentration level, driving productivity and efficiency. You would likely be more energetic too! It may also improve mental health and vitality. What are you waiting for? Eat your greens!

#4 Protect the environment

Cutting out meat is not just about you, it is also about the future of our dear planet. Sorry to break it to you, but meat-eating puts a lot of stress on our environment. Breeding and farming require a large amount of land and water, and also produce an atrocious amount of physical waste. You would massively reduce your carbon and water footprint, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The meat industry also plays a key role in deforestation, as land is used to graze cattle and grow soya, which is then used to feed the animals. Giving up meat would therefore also mean that a large portion of crop being currently used to feed livestock, could be reallocated to feed humans. There would also be more land available for the growing population. Sounds like a bit of a no brainer no?



Have you ever tried going meat-free? Get in touch with your experiences!

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