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10 Health Benefits of Coconut

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It's about time you knew...

It seems painstakingly obvious to say eat better, feel better - right? We spend every day scrolling through countless blogs and articles telling us which diet to go on, which new superfood is an absolute miracle for our skin, and which elixir will turn us into a superhuman. While we can't give you the perfect solution to all of your woes (sorry) we can give you a head start...

It's no secret that we love coconut - here's 10 reasons why:

Energy Booster

  • Coconut flesh is high in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MFCA), which are metabolised in our liver quickly and efficiently, making you feeling more energetic.

Hunger Buster

  • Mid-afternoon craving? Coconut flesh is high in fibre, hence keeping you fuller for longer and helping with digestion.

Killer Smile

  • Eating coconut helps whiten your teeth - grab your sunglasses. 

Skin Saviour

  • With its antioxidants properties, coconut slows down the ageing process. Who said you needed botox?

Kitchen Companion

  • Looking to be more creative in the kitchen? Coconut is a great cooking tool. Super versatile, it can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Ditch the Detox

  • Not really into green juices cleanse? The saturated fat found in coconut plays a key role in your body’s detoxification system and is anti-inflammatory.

 Health is Wealth

  • Your own medicine - With its anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, eating coconut is a great way to support your immune system.

Strong Bones 

  • Ditch the cows milk, coconut milk packs a punch in calcium.

Hydration Station 

  • If you’re a busy monkey and struggling to stay hydrated during the day, eating coconuts has proven efficient in rehydrating your body by providing needed electrolytes.

Nerd Alert

  • The little chemist - Coconuts are rich in manganese, potassium and phosphorus, and are high in vitamin A, D, E and K.


Do you use Coconut any other ways? Let us know!

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